Various Poker Bets Types to Improve Your Strategy

Irrespective of whether you are playing domino qq or Texas Hold’em, you strive to be a successful poker player. Understanding of different types of poker bets and their right use can be the best arsenal you have to establish your success. Let’s throw light on some of the strategic types of bets.

Value Bet

This is employed when you are confident of having the best hand and simply want to increase the value of the pot to increase your winnings. The trick is here to get maximum money inside the pot but limiting it such that it does not scare the opponent to fold out of the game. Here judicious judgment based on your opponents and various other factors are required.

Continuation Bet

This can be employed only if you have taken the lead before the flop by making a raise. The flop must have come down and completely missed your hand. Thus, despite your hand missing the flop, you can try to intimidate your opponents as they would most likely be unaware that you have missed your flop. Placing a continuation bet here keeps your perception of strength intact in the mind of the opponent. This keeps your hope alive of picking up the pot without any further mishap. The size of this bet is critical. Generally it is about half the size of pot.

Probe Bet

This is quite similar to continuation bet, but the difference lies in the fact that it is your opponent who had taken the lead before the flop and had not placed any bet after the flop. Now since your opponent had displayed strength before flop and weakness after it, the situation gets confusing for you. It could be a genuine move from his side or a trap laid for you. A probe bet helps you get the clear picture of your opponent status and possibly a win for you.